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Friday, 22 April 2011 11:28

·MOLD 301- Laser Die Repair Welder Product features

360°rotating of the welding head, facula adjusting by hand-moving.

MOTIC microscope & liquid-crystal light-valve protector.

Laser spot Welder W30

Laser spot Welder W60

Saturday, 25 June 2011 23:42

CO2-S100XP Han's Laser Marking Machine features

Large laser power.Power controlled by software can be adjusted.

The cost of the process is low with no consuming materials.

HANS 36K Flying Laser Marker

MARS 20J - Fiber Optic Laser Marker

Friday, 24 August 2012 15:50

Cryslove C2 is used for 3D image and 2D pictures crystal sub-surface engraving . Compare with Cryslove B2, it capable to Engrave larger size crystal. Cryslove C2 have a big size work table. so you can put several pieces of crystal on work table to engrave.and the machine will engrave the cyrtal one by one.Just like 5CM*5CM*8CM crytal ,it can put 18 pieces.With this function,one worker can operate several machines.

INSIDER-I Laser Crystal Engraving machine

Cryslove-B1/Cryslove-B2 Laser Crystal Engraving Machine

EP-ARTIST 2D & 3D Crystal Laser Engraving Machine

Cryslove-A3/Cryslove-A5 Crystal Laser Engraving Machine & 2D/3D Laser Crystal


Laser Applications

  • Laser Mark Mobile SIM Card Text & Bar code
    Written by Machine Thailand
    Laser Mark Mobile SIM Card Text & Bar code   Information Laser Mark Mobile SIM Card Text & Bar code, Fibre laser is applied to mark high-precision and subtle firgures, such as barcodes on SIM cards. The feature of…
  • Laser Machine for Mobile Phone
    Written by Machine Thailand
    Laser Machine for Mobile Phone The Advantages of Laser Cutting A. Takes up less room. Due to the reduced production period, as well as reduced personnel and supporting facilities requirements, the amount of cleanroom space…
  • Laser Marking 3M Label
    Written by Machine Thailand
    Laser Marking 3M Label Laser removes the black surface layer to shape graphs, signs and texts etc., which is also able to cut out shapes by marking in a same orbit repeatedly. It is now a popular method…
  • Laser on Textile and Leather
    Written by Administrator
    Laser on Textile and Leather Laser can use for Leather Cutting,according to the features of laser machine,some additional measures are taken to improve processing: 1. Put a wet paper over the leather 2. Stick tap…

Who We Are

  • Machine Thailand is the expert of Laser Machine Industry Machine Thailand(Han's Laser Thailand) is the expert of Laser Crystal Engraving Machine & Laser Crystal field. Han's Laser Science & Technology (Thailand) Co.,LTD. is the Thailand brance of Han's Laser China. Founded in 1996, Han's Laser is a global leader in the manufacture of professional laser equipment. Striving hard, Han's Laser has grown at a remarkable rate to be where it is now. Currently, Han's Laser dominates the lion’s share of the laser marker market and has been elected by…


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