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1. CM series laser cutting machine is categorized by its working area, model numbers: CMA6040, CMA960, CMA1080, CMA1390, CMA1610, CMA1810, CMA1910, CMA2012.

Han's Laser Thailand Recruitment - Sales & Engineers Wanted! (Oct 18, 2012)

1.Sales : 2 persons


  1. Age 25-45 year old /Both Male &Female
  2. 2-5 years of experience in related fields or mechanism fields
  3. Strong work history within Thailand
  4. Strong communications skills in English and Thai
  5. Strong computer skills
  6. Able to start work immediately

Laser can use for Leather Cutting,according to the features of laser machine,some additional measures are taken to improve processing:

1. Put a wet paper over the leather

2. Stick tap over the leather

3. Resin paint specially made for leather cutting.

Laser Application use in many regions nowdays,include the Mobile SIM Card Package.Fibril laser is used to mark barcode and other information on the appearance of SIM card.



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