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Friday, 28 September 2012 16:25

Laser on Textile and Leather

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Laser on Textile and Leather Laser on Textile and Leather Laser on Textile and Leather

Laser can use for Leather Cutting,according to the features of laser machine,some additional measures are taken to improve processing:

1. Put a wet paper over the leather

2. Stick tap over the leather

3. Resin paint specially made for leather cutting.

Importance of Extractor:

Using an exhaust fan when cutting to improve cutting effect. Dust can be cleaned quickly.

Exhaust fan on the top reduces smoke, which may darken the leather.

The bottom exhaust fan together with the hollowed work stage will clean the fragments quickly and also stuck the leather closely on the worktable.

Laser on Textile and Leather-1

Leather Marking

Most of the shoe-making factories are still using coining for patterns.

Laser are much more convenient and environmental friendly than embossing.

Laser can also hollow out the leather.

Laser marking and laser hollowing could be done at the same time.

Laser on Textile and Leather-2


Laser marking on shoe soles for decoration and labeling.

Laser on Textile and Leather-3


Laser marking over heals. Fashion and beautiful.

Laser on Textile and Leather-4

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