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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 21:09

EP-ARTIST 2D & 3D Crystal Laser Engraving Machine Featured

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Laser Engraving Machine Main Features:

You can choose any 3D and 2D pictures you like through computer;

Equipped with scanner and diode-pumped laser, the machine can engrave complex and accurate pictures in the sub-surfaces and on the surfaces of different materials at high speed;

The regular spread of the dots makes the pictures engraved all the more pleasing, attractive and artistic;

Due to the fade proof and lasting quality of the pictures in crystal, the pictures will departs of your best memories and collections

The rapid development of laser technology is well applied to produce strictly precise markings and scales on glass and optical units nowadays. Besides surface processing capacity, laser can also engrave inside glass crystals or acrylic cubes.


Glass Sub-surface engraving for the trade fof interior or outside architecture, photography and mirrors;

Crystal and glass sub-surface engraving for craftworks and souvenirs;

Tourist sites, hotels, and galleries;

Enterprises who need to engrave pictures and letters in the sub-surface of transparent packages of their products such as mobile keyboards, transparent and membranous theca, ceramic glazes and etc...

3D Laser Crystal Samples

3d laser crystal sample -

3D laser Crystal 12cm*6cm*cm -

Laser Crystal Box

Laser Crystal Box -

  • Laser Machine Manufacturer: Han's Laser
  • Laser type: Diode end-pumped laser
  • Max. laser power: 2.4W
  • Max. size of Image: 180*180*120mm
  • Actual Engraving Speed(point): 2000point/s
  • Actual Engraving speed(line): 1000mm/second
  • System Dimensions(W×L×H): 795*600*630mm
  • Weight of main system: 90kg
  • Power supply requirement: 220V/50hz(110V/60/HZ)
  • Max. power consumption: 3KW
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