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Cryslove-A3/Cryslove-A5 Crystal Laser Engraving Machine & 2D/3D Laser Crystal Featured

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Crystal Laser Engraving Crystal Laser Engraving

Crystal laser Machine Product features

  • Large marking area: 600mm×400mm×50mm. 
  • The software can generate unique plane rilievo effect. After processing, the figure is exquisite and verisimilitude.
  • Picture input: Support any 2D picture.
  • Engraving effect: Machine can engrave complex and accurate pictures in the sub-surfaces and on the surfaces of different materials at a high speed.
  • Easy operation on the software and engraver. Document formats: can input DXF, BMP, PLT., etc. 
  • Easily Connect with any computer through USB data cable (Support Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS)
  • Processing image use Photoshop which for crystal laser operation.
  • engraved speed is fast,  Max speed is 5000point/second.
  • Max engraved Area is 600mm*400mm
  • Camera movement avoid unstable problem
  • The engraved points are very exiguous and symmetrical, which make the artwork more exquisite, and the engraved figure can be appreciated clearly in any point of view.

Crystal Laser Engraving Machine
Applications and materials

  • Craftwork, souvenir, photography for tourism, hotel, gallery.,etc.
  • Other industries that need to process 2D/3D engraving in transparent materials.
  • Crystal crafts, common glass (except toughened glass), polymethyl methacrylate, and other transparent materials.

Technical Specification

 *Note:As products are constantly updated,please contact us for latest specifications.

We Also accept  Crystal custom batch & single order (In Thailand), if you're interest with our crystal products, please kindly contact us for more information.

3D Laser Crystal Samples

3d laser crystal sample -

3D laser Crystal 12cm*6cm*cm -

Laser Crystal Box

Laser Crystal Box -

2D Laser Crystal order Model List


Laser Crystal Samples


Technical Specifications

  • Laser Machine Manufacturer: Jing Chuang Laser
  • Laser type: Diode side-pumped solid state laser
  • Max. laser power: 2.4W
  • Max. size of Image: 600mm×400mm×50mm(23.64inch×15.76inch×1.97 inch)
  • Actual Engraving Speed(point): 5000 points/second
  • Actual Engraving speed(line): 1000mm/second
  • System Dimensions(W×L×H): 950mm×660mm×400mm(37.43 inch×23.64inch×15.76inch)
  • Weight of main system: 150kg
  • Power supply requirement: 220V/50Hz (110V/60Hz)
  • Max. power consumption: 2kW
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