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Laser spot Welder W60 Featured

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·Product features

Laser spot welder is mainly used in hole-filling of gold and silver ornaments, abscess spot welding, jewelry welder, joint repair and welding of bezel setting, with the advantages such as: small heat-affected zone in welding, adjustable size of weld spot; fine, smooth and pretty welding spot without post-welding processing; accurate positioning without damaging the surrounding inlaid jewelry;

Quick and good quality welding without pollution; efficient and environmental. It is manufactured based on W50; single point energy is increased to improve working efficiency; imported microscope is adopted to increase comfort in operation.

·Applications & materials

Applicable materials include gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and other metals and their alloys. It can also be applied to repair abscess of denture and weld tiny precision components such as nickel strip of battery, IC lead, clock hairspring, kinescope and electronic gun.

·Technical Specification

* Note:As products are constantly updated,please contact us for latest specifications.

  • Laser: YAG
  • Wave length: 1064nm
  • Max. output laser power: 50W
  • Max. pulse energy: 30J/6ms(Opt. 60J/12ms)
  • Pulse width: 0.1-10ms
  • Waveform quantity: 50 groups
  • Positioning method: LEICA microscope
  • Cooling method: Build-in air cooling
  • Electrical source requirement: 220V±5% / 50Hz(60Hz) / 20A
  • Power consumption: 3kW
  • Optical system weight: 225kg
  • Optical system dimension: 1080mm×560mm×1100mm
  • Laser Machine Manufacturer: Han's Laser
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