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Quite different from traditional methods using stickers or ink jet printing to make marks, which are easily rubbed off and trigger secondary pollution, laser marking technology is the very solution to these problem, which also has the advantage of low cost and low consumption.

·MOLD 301- Laser Die Repair Welder Product features

360°rotating of the welding head, facula adjusting by hand-moving.

MOTIC microscope & liquid-crystal light-valve protector.

Industrial Applications:

HANS36K marker is used in drink, medicine, liquor, food industrial for marking product date and storage date on the product line.

The Advantages of Laser Cutting

A. Takes up less room. Due to the reduced production period, as well as reduced personnel and supporting facilities requirements, the amount of cleanroom space is decreased.

B. Lower costs. Being computer-controlled, less human interaction is needed, reducing labour costs. No additional materials are required. Production costs is also reduced.

Laser Machine Installation & Debugging

Qualified technician will be send to customer's company for machine installation and machine debugging.

Laser Machine Training Service

Qualified technician will be send to customer's company for machine training (Machine operation, machine maintenance, machine debugging, product sample processing.,etc) Han's Laser also welcome our customers to come to China headquarter for machine training.

Laser Machine Maintenance

Qualified technician will be send to customer's company for maintenance.


2011 March 15 - 17, Han's Laser took part in the LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA which opened in Shanghai, it's a China's platform for the photonics community, features a superior show concept for exhibitors and visitors.

·Product features

Laser spot welder is mainly used in hole-filling of gold and silver ornaments, abscess spot welding, joint repair and welding of bezel setting, with the advantages such as: small heat-affected zone in welding, adjustable size of weld spot; fine, smooth and pretty welding spot without post-welding processing; accurate positioning without damaging the surrounding inlaid jewelry;

·Product features

Fixed optic path.Hand-moving focusing mode.Red light indication.Stable energy cutting without influenced by speed.High moving accuracy in high speed by step motor and transmitting system.No pollution.

Laser Engraving Machine Main Features:

You can choose any 3D and 2D pictures you like through computer;

Equipped with scanner and diode-pumped laser, the machine can engrave complex and accurate pictures in the sub-surfaces and on the surfaces of different materials at high speed;

As the newest Hans Lasers marking machine, the MARS 20J provides a compact design and long life laser source. It provides all the necessary external control that a machine integrator requires, making sure that it’s easy to control the laser marking process. MARS is CE Certified, meeting the strictest safety requirements. Our expert translators have equipped the MARS with both English and Chinese language versions for customer all over the world.

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