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Thursday, 13 March 2014 19:30

CMA960 Laser Cutting Machine Featured

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CMA960 Laser Cutting Machine CMA960 Laser Cutting Machine CMA960 Laser Cutting Machine

1. CM series laser cutting machine is categorized by its working area, model numbers: CMA6040, CMA960, CMA1080, CMA1390, CMA1610, CMA1810, CMA1910, CMA2012.

2. 32 bit high speed DSP SmartCarve controller is designed to improve performance, and achieve stable S type acceleration control. Automatic attenuation compensation techniques to achieve the desired result for different cutting parts.

3. Full opto-coupler isolation system with high-speed differential input and output circuit design, signal is not distorted inlong-distance transmission. it can achieve12 outputs and 16 inputs status,userfriendly interface.

4. SmartCarve controller with USB2.0 high speed interface, safer and faster data transmission.

CMA960 Laser Cutting Machine

  • Laser Machine Manufacturer: Han's Laser
  • Laser Power:
  • Wavelength:
  • Overall power:
  • Cutting area:
  • Max. cutting speed:
  • Min. line width:
  • Positioning repetition accuracy:
  • Workstation bearing capacity:
  • Dimension (W×L×H):
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