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Laser Machine for Mobile Phone

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The Advantages of Laser Cutting

A. Takes up less room. Due to the reduced production period, as well as reduced personnel and supporting facilities requirements, the amount of cleanroom space is decreased.

B. Lower costs. Being computer-controlled, less human interaction is needed, reducing labour costs. No additional materials are required. Production costs is also reduced.

C. Increased quality. Due to the lower human interaction, man-made errors are reduced and high quality output is increased. Furthermore, cutting efficiency is increased by a factor of 10.

D. Due to the agilitye of the laser cutter, designs and product patterns can be changed according to clients; requirements at any time.

Welding technology



Heat effect

Slot quality

Welding material

Using condition





Laser welding







Electron beam welding



The Advantages of Laser Welding

A. High speed and depth, with little distortion.

B. Operates at room temperature, using simple equipment.

C. High density laser.

D. Suitable for automatic manufacturing.

E. Hidden position, contact-free.

F. Split by time and space. Multi-beam and multi-position.

Laser Marking

The Advantages of Laser Marking

Advanced processing with a high degree of precision

Laser processing does not have direct contact with the work piece, so does not cause any mechanical extrusion or stress. It will not alter the physical properties of the materials processed.

As the laser size after focusing is small, the heat-affected region is much smaller, thus allowing it to achieve fine processing that other conventional methods cannot.

Easy product identification

Laser-made marking is permanent and not affected by changes in the environment (such as a moist, acidic or alkaline atmosphere). Laser marking can mark unique serial numbers such as 2D codes to facilitate easy identification. Traditional marking technologies are unable to achieve the high qualities in special effects and anti-fraud functions that laser technology can achieve.

Complies with environmental protection requirements

Laser processing is an innocuous, environmental pollution-free production process. The products it duces meets european and US environmental standards requirements, so there is no need to worry about export restrictions due to screen-printing or corrosion issues.

Low cost, fully automatic, easy to operate

The only resource needed for laser processing is electricity. It does not need additional equipment or materials. Laser processing is very fast and its average processing cost is very low. The entire process is controlled by special software so there is no need human intervention. It can achieve high-speeds online and efficient automated processing of parts and components.

No overstock storage

The flexibility, stability and high product completion rate of laser processing, controllable by computer, allows flexible production that can be adapted to suit different customers' requirements, and thereby avoids differences in production that can lead to the overstock of products.

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