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Tuesday, 09 June 2009 18:21

Privacy statement

Written by Machine Thailand

What information we hold about you

At the present time, the only way we gather information about you is when you contact us for information about our products and services.  This information is not stored online, only in contact data bases held in the Plasto Polymers Group Office computer network.

This information is limited to your name, addresses, other contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses, and detail of your interest in our company.


From time to time we may use “cookies” on our site.  Cookies are small amount of data sent to your web browser by our web site.  They cannot harm your machine in any way as they are only small text files with simple information in them.  You can see them as small text files with simple information in them.  You can see them as small text files inside your “Cookies” folder in windows directory.

We use cookies to track the usage of our web site.

What we do with your information?

By contacting Plasto Polymers and sending us your contact details you are accepting that we will store this information in order that we may contact you now and in the future with an offer that we feel may be of interest to you from the Plasto Polymers group range of products and services.

We will NEVER exchange, sell or otherwise give away your email addresses or contact details away to third party companies.

If at any time you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please contact us via our contact page and we will be happy to oblige.

Machine Thailand(Han's Laser Thailand) is the expert of Laser Crystal Engraving Machine & Laser Crystal field.

Han's Laser - Machine Thailand

Han's Laser Science & Technology (Thailand) Co.,LTD. is the Thailand brance of Han's Laser China.

Founded in 1996, Han's Laser is a global leader in the manufacture of professional laser equipment. Striving hard, Han's Laser has grown at a remarkable rate to be where it is now. Currently, Han's Laser dominates the lion’s share of the laser marker market and has been elected by Forbes as one of the "100 Most Promising Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)" no less than three times. As an engine for the growth of China's laser industry, Han's Laser will fulfill its mission of keeping at the pinnacle of the laser industry at a world-class level. 



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